Sadly, this year we are getting more scams than ever. Here they are so that you can be wary of them.

1. TICKETS FOR SALE. We have set up a Facebook group for people wanting to sell their tickets. Scammers are trying to sell tickets that they do not have. Only buy off people where I have posted that they do in fact have VLV tickets.
2. TICKETS FOR SALE AT EVENT. If you get someone trying to sell you tickets at the event, they may have been bought with a stolen credit card. This happens a lot for Hot Rodder tickets on Saturday. We will be on top of this and will cancel these orders. So if you end up buying tickets off some guy in the crowd because they are cheaper, your ticket will not work. You will not get in.
3. HOTEL ROOMS AVAILABLE in THE ORLEANS. If you receive an email from a company stating that they have rooms for VLV in The Orleans. They do not. You will lose your money and will not have a hotel room.
4. VLV ATTENDEE MAILING LISTS FOR SALE. We do not share the VLV mailing lists with anyone. These people do not have our mailing list. You will get nothing and will lose your money.
5. VLV VENDING BOOTHS AVAILABLE. There are people who claim to be part of VLV offering vending space and hotel rooms for VLV26. Vending spaces can only be booked through us and no other way. There are NO indoor vending spaces available. You will lose your money.
6. FAKE WRISTBANDS. If you get offered a fake wristband, do not buy it. We will know it is fake. We will take it from you and you will need to buy one from us.
7. SPONSORSHIP. Any Viva Las Vegas sponsorship can only be dealt with either by myself or Robbyn Bukowski. Anyone else offering sponsorship is probably going to pocket your money.

Be wary. Trying to save money can lose you a lot more.