IMPORTANT: Please read the Frequently Asked Questions prior to contacting Viva Las Vegas.

  1. Bookings, Tickets, Admin, General Info
  2. Band Booking Inquiries
  3. Program & Website Advertising
  4. Car Show
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Bookings, Tickets, Admin, General Info

Tom Ingram
Viva Las Vegas
PO Box 5940
Los Alamitos, CA 90721
Phone: (562) 496-4287
Fax: (562) 372-8575


Band Booking Inquiries

Tom Ingram
Viva Las Vegas
PO Box 5940
Los Alamitos, CA 90721
Phone: (562) 496-4287
Fax: (562) 372-8575
Please include a link to any websites, youtube accounts, reverbnation etc. Please do not send any attachments or EPKS.

Advertising in the VLV Program or Website

On the VLV Website:

In the VLV Program:
Email: we are currently accepting reservations for program ad space.

To advertise in the VLV program, the rates are as follows:

Back Cover $850 *Full Page
Inside front $675 *Portrait
Inside back $575
Page 3 $675
Full page $450
1/2 page $325 *Landscape ‘Limited Quantity’
1/4 page N/A Not available

NOTE: The above prices are for finished artwork. Extra charges may apply if work is required on the artwork.

Program advertising sales begin the day after VLV for the following year.

VLV Car Show

Click here for complete Car Show Information

Tom Ingram
Phone: (562) 496-4287

Sponsorships for Viva Las Vegas are now available.

Please view the opportunities by clicking on this link.
Click here for general event information.
*Please do not hesitate to email or call (562) 496-4287 regarding sponsorship questions or suggestions.

Request Flyers

If you would like to receive a packet of flyers to distribute to your friends, store, or venue, please write to us with the quantity requested and your mailing address.

Press/Media Passes


We do not stop anyone from taking in cameras. All cameras, still, video & TV are allowed. As long as you are wearing a wristband you will be OK. We do not have a press pass as such because we do not restrict cameras.

If you are still in need of a press pass, click here.

If you have additional questions, please contact for press and media inquiries.