Tickets for the 19th Annual Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender will go on sale June 1, 2015.  
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VLV19 – APRIL 14th – 17th, 2016



New to VLV? Click here to see what ticket type gets you into what

If you buy the tickets on-line and print at home there will be no service charges.
TO BUY BY PHONE (service charge applies)  USA and International 877-987-6487  Canada only  888-732-1682
TO BUY AT A RETAIL LOCATION CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.  Tickets will at these locations beginning July 1 2014.

For any questions related to the ticketing website, such as processing your ticket purchase, printing your ticket, accessing your account etc please contact Ticketfly at 877-987-6487.
For all other  inquiries, phone the main VLV number: 562-225-5367
If you already have purchased a ticket and need to access your Ticketing Account, please click here.

Ticket Types:

You want it all – all of the action – the music, dancing, pool parties, cars, burlesque, bowling, fashion. A full four days of non-stop action. But don’t wait too long to buy this ticket as it does sell out. FOR MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE

Li’L ROLLER - New to VLV18 – all children 12 and under can enter for free – no need to purchase or print a ticket.
You are just like the High Roller but in a kid sized portion. FOR MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE

You like being out in Vegas for four days but would like to spend your time outdoors with cars, friends and hanging out with other car clubs in the car show area. The evenings maybe call for a cruise up the strip or hitting the tables in the hotel’s casino. FOR MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE

You like all of the Viva action, but prefer to have it all packed into one day – headliner music, cars, people, fashion and vendors. All day Saturday, non-stop fun. FOR MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE


  • Pay by Check To pay by check or money order, please use our mail in booking form.
  • Fax your ticket purchase Please use the mail-in booking form and fax it to 562-372-3049
  • Ticket purchase outside the USA Please use our online system as it works worldwide.
  • Hotel Rooms Tickets do not include accommodation. You can stay wherever you like but we do have special rates at a number of hotels. Click here to view.

    PLEASE NOTE: *The above prices are including  State of Nevada Entertainment Tax. *All ticket sales are subject to our terms & conditions. Minors aged 13 – 20 cannot enter the music events inside the hotel. The only ticket we can sell to minors aged 13-20 are the Car Show Only tickets. When you buy the tickets above, it entitles you to enter a car into the VLV Car Show subject to approval. Once you have bought your ticket, please go to the Car Show Page and complete the car show registration. You do not have to register a car with the 4-day pass; this is optional. Please note: we reserve the right to refuse entry to cars that do not meet the car show criteria.

  • The High Roller pass price breakdown is as follows: Ticket Price $108.41, Live Entertainment Taxes $10.84, Fees $5.75 for a total cost of $125
  • The Classic pass price breakdown is as follows:  Ticket Price $44.30, Live Entertainment Taxes $2.20, Fees $3,50 for a total cost of $50
  • The Hot Rodder pass price breakdown is as follows: Ticket Price $25.81, Live Entertainment Taxes $1.29, Fees $2.90 for a total cost of $30