SEPTEMBER 9th – 12th 2021

to view cars that are registered and approved.






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to view cars that are registered and approved.


The Viva Las Vegas Car Show is the best car show of its type anywhere. Cars are strictly pre-63 and must be in a style from that era. Please check out the photos below. If you have a question about the car you would like to enter before you buy your tickets, please email

At the VLV Car Show over 800 cars were registered with more than 20,000 attending to view the car show.

The Car Show will be held at The Orleans Hotel. We are using a massive fenced in parking lot next to The Orleans Arena.

Winning car owners will receive Custom made trophies.


Car Club Logos 2020
CAR CLUBS – Please send you car club logo or plaque to to be included in this slideshow


  • The Free Car And Driver program is now at its limit, so all drivers must now buy a ticket. . Car Registration is included with the purchase of the High Roller, Classic, or Hot Rodder Ticket, subject to there still being space. See below for more info
  • There is no separate charge to register your car
  • Click here to register your car
  • As tickets are non-refundable, if you would like pre-approval please email
  • A SIDE VIEW Photo MUST be submitted for all cars for approval, otherwise your car will not be admitted. PLEASE NOTE THE PHOTO MUST BE A SIDE VIEW OF THE CAR and must be under 50kb. If your photo is over 50kb it WILL NOT upload and you will not see a confirmation notice in red at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down on this page to review the car show criteria
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission of any vehicle and/or driver

Information about the FREE CAR AND DRIVER PROGRAM:

THE FREE CAR & DRIVER OPTION. This has now reached it’s limit so all drivers now need to buy a ticket to register a car.

You will only need to buy the full 4day pass for if you would like access to the events taking place inside the hotel.

Other General Information:

Car Show Registrations will be accepted on-line until 5:00pm (pacific standard time) Thursday, September 2nd 2021 or until we are completely booked up on spaces, whichever occurs first.  After  the cut-off time, DAY OF registrations will only be accepted on Saturday only, subject to space.  All pre-registered cars have preferential placement.  All pre-registered cars must arrive by 8am Saturday morning.  After 8am the lot will be opened to un-registered participants.

to view cars that are registered and approved.

The Rockabilly Show and Car show area is open to those with 4 day wristbands as follows:

  • Thursday 10am – 10pm
  • Friday 10am – 10pm
  • Registered cars may enter and leave the parking lot during the times posted above
  • See information below regarding cars entering and leaving on Saturday
  • Gates open for cars to leave at 6am Sunday
  • The gates will be locked at 10pm each night. No unauthorized persons may stay in the Car Show area after 10pm including on Saturday. Security will be posted in the area when the gates are locked and throughout the night.

And for everyone on the Saturday:

  • Cars 6am – 8am entry – no cars will be allowed to enter the area after 8am
  • For safety reasons, cars cannot leave the area or be moved between the hours of 8am and 8pm, They can only be moved or leave the area at 8pm or 30 minutes after the last band finishes playing, whichever comes later.
  • The gates will be locked at 10pm and no cars can leave after that time. The gates will re-open on Sunday morning at 6am.
  • PEDESTRIANS 9am – 8pm $40 in advance and on the day. This includes all car show entertainment including the headliner shows on the Car show stage.

* Fenderless cars and trucks built after 1934: please email a photo for approval.If in any doubt please email us a photo to
* *Viva Las Vegas reserves the right to accept cars that they consider to be of interest to the car show but might not meet all criteria listed above.


  • Built 1963 and earlier

  • Stock Classics

  • Painted cars

  • Finished Cars

  • Un-Finished Cars

  • Primered Cars

  • Work In Progress

  • Bare metal

  • Traditional Hot Rods

  • T Buckets (built in 1940s, 1950’s, or 1960s style)

  • Traditional Customs

  • Traditional Show Cars

  • Nostalgic Race Cars

  • (Meeting above criteria)

  • Stock Motorcycles (Pre-63, period correct.)


  • Fad T’s (built in 1970’s or 80’s style

  • Billet wheels

  • High Tech Street Rods

  • Muscle cars

  • No VW’s or PT Cruisers

  • Post-63 Low Riders(with small wheels/tires)

  • Japanese Cars

  • Fenderless cars w/ Steam Roller Tires

  • Tubbed Rear ends

  • >h4>Off road and/or 4 wheel drive.
  • Diesel engined

  • No 17″ or larger wheels – no Dubs allowed.

* “Themed cars” or “Rat Rods” must be pre approved. Please email a photo for approval.If in any doubt please email us a photo to


  • Ice chests inside cars only

  • Bring children

  • Bring cameras

  • Use video cameras

  • Bring parasols

  • Play music in cars

  • Bring strollers

  • Dancing

  • Car Club signs

  • Folding chairs

  • Blankets to sit on

  • Backpacks & bags (subject to search)


  • No pets

  • No ice chests or chairs can be carried in

  • No BBQ’s

  • No fires

  • No selling from cars

  • No burnouts

  • No glass bottles

  • No cruising in parking lots

  • No bicycles

  • No gang colors (including motorcycle)

  • No weapons

  • No fighting

  • No selling out of your vehicle

  • No confederate flags or any other items on the FBI list of extremist symbols