The World Famous Burlesque Showcase at VLV 26


At the last VLV, many people got the free tickets for the showcase but did not come to the show. This meant that some big burlesque fans missed out. So now we have decided to charge $5  each for the Burlesque Showcase. To make up for that, when you arrive for the Burlesque Showcase with your ticket, you will be given a free gift worth at least $5.

You buy your burlesque Showcase tickets when you buy your Hi Roller tickets and you can only buy the same number as the number of Hi Roller tickets you have. If you did not do that, here is the link to buy them. You may only buy Burlesque Showcase tickets if you have VLV26 Hi Roller tickets in your Tix account.

Friday April 28, 2023 in

The Orleans Showroom

Showtimes: 3:30 PM, 6PM, 8:30PM

High Roller 4 Day Pass Required

Assigned seating. You choose your seats from the seating available. If you have promotional or cash sale tickets from VLV office, please contact to secure your seating voucher.

PLEASE NOTE; 10 minutes after the start of a show, empty seats will be released to people waiting on standby.

For VLV sponsorship of The World Famous Burlesque Showcase opportunities please contact Robbyn at or Tom at

Feature burlesque performers, variety acts, MC’s, vocalist and burly-Q Bands interested in performance opportunities in The World Famous Burlesque Showcase please contact  Robbyn at