We’ve got a brand new look for our pin-up contest!

Introducing the QUEEN OF THE CAR SHOW


The VLV Queen of the Car Show is a modern day pin-up that represents the spirit of our world-famous car show. She is a music lovin’ gal with the looks of a vintage pin-up and the personality of a revved up hot rod! You could find her on the dance floor and at the car show.  She’s just as comfortable on the cover of a magazine as she is under the hood of a classic car.

She’s got fire in her heart and rock-n-roll in her blood!

Should you be the 2020 Queen of the Car Show? Can you change a tire without breaking a nail? Is your lipstick flawless after you shotgun a beer? Can you tell the difference between a carburetor and radiator? Then you may be! We want it all. Bring your personality and style to this contest! 

MEET THE PIN-UPS at The Burlesque & Pin-UP Meet & Greet on Friday at 7:30 PM in The DeLuxe Club!  Sponsored by:

Prize Sponsors:

Here are your contestants for the


GROUP ONE – Judges choices and Contestants choice

GROUP 2 – Online voting choices


SATURDAY SEPT 11th 2.30pm


Submissions for VLV25 open September 1st 2020  CLICK HERE


The following titles will be given for this contest:
VLV Queen of the Car Show
1st Runner Up
2nd Runner Up
Other fun surprise awards on the day


The contest will be judged on the following:
Originality and Personality
Overall Stage Presence
How well questions are answered


How the contest works:
The judges will pick 5 finalists.  The contestants choose 1 finalist.  Then, on January 5th, 2020, online voting begins and our online audience will choose the remaining 6 finalists.  These 12 pin-ups will go on to compete for Queen of the Car Show!


Schedule for submissions and announcements
-Sept. 7, 2019  Open for Submissions
-Dec. 16, 2019  Submissions Close
-Jan. 4, 2020  Judges 5 choices and contestants choice announced
-Jan. 5, 2020  Public Voting Begins
-Jan. 31, 2020 Public Voting Closes
-Feb. 2, 2020  Finalists Announced


By entering the VLV Queen of the Car Show Contest, you agree to the following:
-You must be 21 years of age by the time VLV begins
-Your submission must include a clear photo that represents your best pin-up style
Queen Of Car Show Enquiries – Please Email rockwell@vivalasvegas.net


To sponsor this event please email tom@vivalasvegas.net or rockwell@vivalasvegas.net

Congratulations to Miss VLV Pin Up 22, Miss Shell Bell

1st Runner Up: Brittany Calavera

2nd Runner Up: Miss Lady Lace

Best Dressed: Miss Florrie Von Cloudberry

Best Hair: Miss Confetti

Best Make-Up: Dafna Bar-El