Do you have the appeal of Bettie Page?  The hot moves of Tempest Storm?  Then maybe you have what it takes to win one of the most coveted awards in the burlesque world!  The winner will join the ranks of burlesque superstars Inga Ingenue, Geez Loueez, Missy Lisa, and so many more.

Congratulations to the winners of the Miss Viva Las Vegas 17 Burlesque Competition:


Stay tuned for information on entering the VLV18 Burlesque Competition.

Dancers who wish to compete in the Burlesque Contest, please submit your entry here.

Ruthe Ordare
Mona Bella
Mona Bella
Red Hot Annie
Red Hot Annie
Pinky DeVille
Pinky DeVille
Lyra la Belle
Lyra la Belle
Lucy Buttons
Lucy Buttons
Eva Mae Garnet
Eva Mae Garnet
Miss Satine
Miss Satine

Miss Viva Las Vegas is a competition in which top burlesque dancers compete for the title “Miss Viva Las Vegas. “ The best dancer is one that represents the spirit of Viva Las Vegas, and the sexy and glamorous art of the striptease. Regarded as one of the top burlesque titles in the world today, Miss Viva Las Vegas is an edge-of-your-seat burlesque competition held in the flashiest city in America!

Here is the schedule for submissions and announcements

  • Oct 1stOpen for submissions
  • Dec 20thSubmissions Close
  • Jan 4thJudges 4 choices announced plus contestants choice announced
  • Jan 5thPublic voting starts
  • Jan 31stPublic voting closes
  • Feb 3rdFinalists announced

When you vote, you will receive an email afterwards. This email has a link which you must press to confirm your vote.

This means that if you use a fake email address your vote will not count. Voting is limited to one email address and one IP address



  • Solo performers only.
  • Finalists get a free wristband for VLV but need to arrange their own flights & hotel.
  • No guest list.
  • Cash alternatives for prizes are not available.
  • The organizers reserve the right to request the performer changes the music to suit the event.
  • Running order to be determined in advance by a random drawing.
  • Each submission must include a link to a YouTube video showing only the contestant performing. It can be any length but only needs to be about 30 seconds.
  • When judging begins all submissions WITHOUT video will be deleted.
  • Videos are required to show contestants experience at burlesque.
  • No fire or pyrotechnics acts at all.
  • The organizers reserve the right to delete an entry if they consider vote cheating has taken place or the contestant is not suitable for the event.
  • No substances allowed in acts. Meaning no liquids, glitters, powders, confetti, etc. If you are unsure, contact us to avoid elimination.
  • No male contestants/performers allowed.
  • Official contestants will be asked not to perform in Las Vegas 1 week before or after The Miss VLV Burlesque Competition without the permission of organizers. Failure will result in elimination.


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