We are pleased to present the Line-Up for the
18th Annual Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender.



Doo Wop Allstars Show
Herb Cox – The Cleftones
Maryland Pierce – The Five Keys
Eugene Pitt – The Jive Five
Bobby Lewis

Stars of Rockabilly Show
Joe Clay
Huelyn Duvall
Sleepy LaBeef

The Sonics (2nd show in ballroom Sunday)

Buzz & The Flyers
The Go Getters – Sweden
The Hi-Tones – Russia
Omar & The Stringpoppers
Bobby Brooks Wilson
Levi & The Rockats
The Savage Hornets – UK
Furious – UK
Marti Brom
Jake Calypso and His Red Hot – France
Wild Boogie Combo – France
Slip and The Spinouts
The Bop Hounds – Brazil
La Puzzydoll – Chile
Billie & The Kids – Croatia
The Delta Bombers
The Chop Tops with some very special guests
Nico Duportal – France
Sean Coleman & His Quasars
The Desperados
Jason Hoss Hicks
Mike Bell & The Belltones – Finland
Shelley and Lawrie Minson
The Stardust Ramblers
KB & The Slingtones
Hillbilly Casino
The Vintage Vandals
The Moonlight Howlers
Kay Marie
The Sabers
The Cavaleros – Canada
The Roy Kay Trio
The Rattle Rockin’ Boys
Tidal Wave
Dirty Dice
Johnny Deadly Trio
Aileen Quinn & The Leaping Lizards
So-Cal Rocket Dynamics
The Rhythm Combo
Straight Shooter
Switchblade 3
Frantic Rockers
Hot Roddin Romeos
Li’l Mo and the Unholy Four
The Kingmakers – Canada
Cadillac Casanovas
Phil Friendly Trio
Danny Duke & The Northern Stars – Canada
Hank Biggs & The Hardtops
Dawn Shipley & The Sharp Shooters
Babe Miller
Doug Perkins & The Spectaculars
The Fulltones
Gino & The Lone Gunmen
Cherry Divine – Australia
Hank Angel
Little Lesley & The Bloodshots

The Rhythm Bomb Showcase #1
Frantic Rockers
The Shadowmen
Crystal (Belgium)
Jittery Jack
The Sidewynders

The Rhythm Bomb Showcase #2
Jai Malano
Lilly Moe – Switzerland
Billie and the Kids
The Margraves



Bands and DJ